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Professional in IAD Graphics

School of Professional in IAD Graphics

Professional in IAD Graphics(240 hours)

Interior could be any space, enclosed by physical materials for living and working. Designing interior requires an in-depth understanding of the functional and aesthetical requirements of inhabitants.

It is important that interior designers have drawing and sketching skills to quickly create perspectives and conceptual designs. With the advent of computer as a design and productivity tool, the designers are required to be well versed in specific design and project management software.

Course objective

The course recognizes that there is a need to create interior design professionals with technical as well as design skills for visual thinking, designing, and presentation.


The course teaches fundamental principles of interior design and areas of specializations. Incorporation of subjects of humanities such as human behavior and psychology, along with environmental sciences and technology, makes the course comprehensive and students well grounded in the art of designing spaces.

Creative CAD, and 3D Max are the highlights of this programme.Basic principles of graphic design and portfolio design, and 3D rendering and animation are taught.

But, lessons also cover basic principles of building and design. The development of technical drawing and manual drawing skills are given due importance.

Course Content:
Space Planning     Human Dimensions     Interior Landscape    
Furniture Fixtures and Styling     Design Visualization     IAD Graphics    
Design Elements     Design Process - 1     Plumbing and Lighting    
Rendering & Compositing              

SSLC or 10th pass is desirable. However, anyone who is interested in creative intellect/ intuition/ capabilities can take up this course.

Studio Equipment:

The basic kit consisting of drawing equipment and supplies helps the students to carry out the studio works efficiently.

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