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Professional in Jewelry Design

School of Professional in Jewelry Design

Course Overview

This course is specially designed for those who aspire to become experts in JCADD. This course combines Certificate Course on Computer Aided Jewelry Design and Certificate course on Jewelry Manufacturing. This course aims to provide an extensive and comprehensive knowledge for building a career in the field of jewelry design.

Software enables designers to not only visualize their jewelry designs in 2D and proceed with 3D modelling, they also enable them to create multiple prototypes. This certification course aims to introduce candidates to new and highly advanced tools that are now used for the JCADD purposes and 3D Print Manufacturing.

The course module covers

This course includes the development of designs through manual illustration and making trendy fashion jewelry. The course modules are:
Adobe Illustrator     Adobe Photoshop     Annealing/ Melting    
Sawing     Forging     Dapping    
Soldering     Gemstone setting     Engraving    
Metal Texturing     Finishing     Polishing    

Career Opportunities

This comprehensive course provides the opportunities to land a career in jewelry designers and manufacturing. Also, it opens a wide vista of job opportunities for which there is a high demand in this competitive market. Some of such job opportunities are listed below:

Designer CAD Filer and Assembler Metal setter
Metal Refiner Manufacturer Goldsmith components
Goldsmith - Engraving and Embossing Polisher Setterv
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