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Jewelry Design

Jewelry Design courses in Kochi

School of Jewelry Design

Ornate this world with your designs!

DreamZone School of Creative Studies brings out students’ innate creativity, helping them to design jewelry with ability and confidence. Students learn the basics and complexities of designing to create jewelry that displays specific choice of style and form. They also learn how manufacture, and market their creations.

We have designed our curriculum for students to learn drafting, design theory, shading, how to illustrate form and shape using several mediums, and more. They also learn about various gemstones and their properties, different styles of jewelry making and their history to develop real aesthetics of designing ornaments. Students are encouraged to create their portfolio to express their creativity to help accelerate through their career path.


Anyone interested in jewelry designing can take up this course. Preferably students of 10th standard and above can easily make a career out of this program.


The apparel industry, the primary job provider in fashion design, needs lots of professionals with design skill, and merchandising knowledge.

Major Job Titles & Roles
Fashion Designer Fashion Stylist Fashion Merchandiser Factory Manager
Fashion Illustrator Fashion Journalist Fashion Photographer Factory Consultant
Fashion Co-ordinator Pattern Maker

Anyone who is interested in creative design, can take up this course. Preferably upwards of 10th std students interested in creative field will be able to make a good learning and make a career out of this program. So there are no major prerequisites.

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