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Professional in Jewelry Design

School of Professional in Jewelry Design

Course Overview

This advanced course creates a new perspective to students giving them great insights on jewelry designing and manufacturing. Starts from the basics of sketching designs and moves up to gemstone rendering. Students are honed with all the necessary skills starting with annealing to polishing. These skills prove essential for students to emerge as successful designers.

Course Outline

This course is a combination of manual jewelry design illustration and advanced jewelry manufacturing. It includes the retail tactics that are very often required in the jewelry design business. The course modules cover:-
Pencil sketching     Metals & gemstone rendering     Jewelry rendering     

Process involved in making metal jewels by:
Annealing     Soldering     Sawing     
Forging     Engraving     Gem setting     
Finishing     Polishing    

Career Opportunities

The Advanced Jewelry Manufacturing course gives you a certain ground for building a career in jewelry industries as most firms look out for candidates who have this certification to handle their manufacturing needs. Other career opportunities include:-

Goldsmith Setter Retailing
Jewelry designer Jeweler Bench Worker
Jewelry Consultant Polisher Filer and Assembler
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