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Diploma in 3D Set Modeling and Texturing

School of Diploma in 3D Set Modeling and Texturing

Diploma in 3D Set Modeling & Texturing(240 hours)

An important component of 3D Modeling is texturing. It has a significant role in the creation of high quality animation and graphics. With the focus firmly on design, this course introduces students to the various elements that create interesting visual elements.

Course objective

With a focus on visualization, this course will deal with the fundamentals of design and then move on to complex designs. Initially, using a combination of theory and practical work, the course will enable students to visually express thoughts and ideas on paper and then transfer this into the electronic format

This evenly-paced, flexible part-time learning programme provides opportunities to all talented individuals with varied educational background and even those without formal higher education, to excel as creative professionals in various industries


The modules of study focus on 3D. The course will enable students to gain hands on experience in modeling, textures, as well as object and material design that is significant to the creation of world class animation.

Software used: 3ds Max or Maya

Course Content:
3D Modeling & Animation     Sketching and Story Boarding     Computer Aided 3D Modeling    
Animation Fundamentals     Texturing & Lighting     Design Dynamics    
3D Max/Maya              

SSLC or 10th pass is desirable. However, anyone who is interested in creative intellect/ intuition/ capabilities can take up this course.

Studio Equipment:

The basic kit consisting of drawing equipment and supplies helps the students to carry out the studio works efficiently.

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