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Fashion Design courses in cochin
8 Steps for Transforming Shabby Furniture to Contemporary Classic

During the 1970s, the furniture and interior decoration were expressed in filthy forms where wealth was king and money seemed to flow like water. However, everything was changed with the arrival of credit crunch and banking crisis.

Department Stores 2.0

Sit back and wait to experience the exciting ways to tempt you in 2050. A team of data scientists will be working towards what makes us happy. There will be shop assistants, both human and robotic who will focus on the art of pleasure giving instead of selling. Every spare place of the town will be occupied with food production and renewable energy generation. Moreover, the chaos of shopping experience will be gone.

Adaptable Wearable Technology

Can you imagine yourself being able to update your clothing any time and any day? Most of us will live close to the printing house or have a 3D printer at home. We have already seen exciting fabrication material moving from plastics to those used currently. Additionally, there will be a range of fabrications coming to use. It will be easy for you to change your floor-length skirt to mid-length with the adaptability of 3D and wearable experiments.

Fashion Design courses in Ernakulam

Making of own Leather Trousers

By 2050, you may own a bio-fabricator, machine that grows fabrics from the microbial cultures. You may come across a dress manufactured using bacteria or mushrooms and transmit information related to the mood of the wearer. Probably, it is a good news for Vegans that someday soon, leather trousers will be made from animal protein without going near to the animal.

Supermodel NOT White and Skinny

With the mass movement around the globe, there will be new ethnicities making beauty unknowable than ever. Since more number of women will be standing among the jury, increasing possibilities of body modification will take the definition of a supermodel to the next level. We are still not able to figure out the future beauty standard, but will not be a tall, skinny white girl for sure.

Socks will Recycle Themselves

Wearing for a few days and discarding will become a thing of past. You will soon experience 3D printers for recycling or reprinting the old fabrics. By the late 2020s, we will probably enter the age to mere customization; old clothes will never be thrown away. Fashion trends will not get banned but it will be made from paper, so that everything, which is old, can be dropped to domestic recycling.

Conclusively, we will give so much data about ourselves, helping the technology to mirror back our choice within the brands. Technology will make things adaptable and easier to connect with each other with the arrival of 2050.

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