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World of animation is accepting each creativity as the outcome of observation and technology. It clearly illustrates the events in a life in the form of an illusion and it is the skill of an expert animator. Animation field opens vast opportunities to explore and it is a developing ground which continuously changes its gear with respect to this changing world. It is flourishing as many branches of a tree to demonstrate the life of current world. Let's have a look on those branches which make this world a moving one.

2D Animation

It is the basic of this creative field and this traditional method was used to create storyboards, characters and other background sections in 2D environment. It allows a freedom of styling for the individual to dive into an ocean of creativity. 2D animation is a collection of drawings followed by one another in a different pose. Artists draw pencil drawings of frames and these were painted on plastic sheets called cels and each of these thousands of hand-drawn and painted cels were photographed one at a time over a hand-painted background image, and those images assembled to run as film at 24 frames per second.

3D Animation

3D animation allows animators to generate things that are impossible or extremely tedious within 2D animation. It is the mechanism of generating three-dimensional moving images in a digital ambiance. Accurate handling of 3D objects or models is accomplished within 3D software for exporting picture sequences giving them the image of animation or movement. However, this is absolutely based on the technique used for manipulating the objects.

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Whiteboard Animation

It is the process where an author draws physically and these illustrations are recorded using marker pens and a white board. A whiteboard animation is a video that brings text and drawings to life with movement, on a digital platform. Instantly memorable and effortless are the highlights as well as the advantages of this style.

Rotoscope Animation

It is the rotated projection of an array of photographed action image frames and the artist can trace from the frame to superimpose on it. Rotoscope is an animation stand which was used to project a sequence of action frames against a surface so that a set of animation frames could be created. Now special computer softwares are used to do the same work with digital images. Tools that provide skilled ways to rotoscope include Elastic Reality and Digital Magic. In television commercials and feature length films, rotoscoping is used as a technique for combining cartoon images with realistic settings and for special effects.

Typography Animation

Typography is an art of expressing a text. In this animation technique texts are used to express motions using videos. Apart from the usual horizontal texts, this technique takes the challenge of engaging a viewer’s attention to track words along with the movement across, down or up the page. We use colors, size, selection of fonts to highlight particular words.Typography animation can awaken specific emotions in audience by pairing it with audio.

Stop Motion

This type of animation brings life to static objects on screen. This is achieved by moving the object in an increment way while filming a frame and results in the movement when all frames are played in a sequential order. Miniatures, puppets and clay objects are commonly used in this animation since they can be handled easily. This animation can be defined as a series of still photographs. Variants of stop motion animation are puppet animation, cutout animation, clay animation, model animation, object animation and pixilation.

Animation world are creating wonders day by day and it is the field that welcomes creative individuals who can change the world with innovative ideas with the help of advancing technologies. An animator can bring revolutions through his imagination blended with science after having handful experiences with good basics.

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